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"What A Mistake"!

Have you heard yourself saying this?

I Admit; I Have. Shocking, Isn't it? But we all do it, now and again, Right?    Whew ... This sure applies to avocados, buying avocado trees, and also avocado growing.

Let me explain ...

Researchers and growers have known the value of different avocado vaieties for a long time, but some plant retailers offer only the Hass avocado tree and more recently, Bacon, Reed or Fuerte, maybe. That's all, if you are lucky. Most people and even nurseries are not aware that other avocado cultivars exist which can speed up and increase the Hass flower pollination success, and therefore, enhance the quality and quantity of the Hass or the A Type avocado fruit. What's more; the general understanding in the industry was; the bigger the tree, the more avocados you could harvest. This seems logical but there are better ways of getting more avocados with "less" trees. Also, because supermarkets demanded the Hass for its longer shelf-life, growers were encouraged to replace all other varieties, with Hass!

This line of thought and reasoning is called "Linear Thinking". Typical, isn't it? Half-baked commercial reasoning combined with greed resulted in the exact opposite, after a few years. The yield dropped, trees got bigger and bigger shading each other and reducing the yield, even further. Never mind the increased costs of maintenance, harvesting, disease control, accidents, dangers to human life of harvesting avocados from 10 m high trees! See the photo below, on the right. It had some fruit on it but they were hanging 10 m or so from us, standing at the base of the tree. The tree owners said they kept checking for the occasional fruit drop, nevertheless! Imagine craving some avocados for a fulfiling breakfast, but not able to pick. Frustrating!

Huge avocado tree AKL estuary

Clue: Keep Your Avocado Trees Small ... Dwarf.

We are all aware of the sometimes drastic shortage of avocados in certain times of the year, and the sky rocketing retail avocado prices. For example; one shop in Auckland around May-June 2019, sold avocados for $12.50, each, for a few weeks. Consumer outrage and outcry, forced that retailer to drop the price down to $10.50 each!

Do you think that is a one-off incident?

Avocado prices 2019

Think again. The mini avocado guys have been in the avocado tree production from 2000 and every year since, the same pattern repeats, only with steeper and steeper price increase curves! "Skyrocketing" or through the roof, the press say. That's Every Year! It's becomining a norm.

What's The Solution?

Since the time for avocado tree planting was yesterday, or the day before, or even the previous year, it is best to act now. Many have some avocado trees already but are not getting results. They hear or read about AvoPro or "mini avocado" and want to plant few more different varieties, because they like to get better fruit set or simply more avocados. But avocado trees, especially the high health trees, are in short supply. They've been so for the past decade and more.

In any case, the answer is simple: Buy Your Avocado Trees Now. Buy Now

I'm told mini avocado guys have a year-round supply of most avocado tree varieties, ready for dispatch, within a week or three. Try it.

Most New Zealanders who own a home - no matter how small - are able to, and definitely Can Grow Avocado Trees. Not convinced? Email AvoPro guys and ask for your free of charge info-papers, and eBooks and availability of trees. We are sure there is an unprecedented shortage of avocado trees in the 2019-2020 period: Contact mini avocado

When Ordering Avocado Trees; What Not to Buy: (Picture/s Coming Soon)

  1. Trees with drooping, yellowish leaves, branches or bark. 
  2. Trees with small leaves which are distanced from each other, far and wide.
  3. Bad Smelly soil.  Sniff the soil in the bag or container, at the top and the bottom! If you sense a foul smell of rot and mould it most probably is, what it smells. Root-rot. Do not buy such trees, even if they look OK. They will die eventually and worse; will contaminate your garden with root-rot fungui such as phytophthora. All mini avocado trees are screened for such defects and culled, if need be. Any such plant, bag, and soil are dumped away from the premises, or incinerated.

avopro new avocado nursery

What to Look for When Purchasing Avocado Trees:

  1. Most leaves should look shiny and firm.
  2. Preferably the tree should have new developing leaves and shoots.
  3. Most branches shoud be firm and at an upward angle.
  4. The bark colour at the mid-part upwards of the trunk, should be fresh green, and all bark should be free of injuries. Yelloish bark colour is a sure sign of root problems.
  5. The whole tree should be free of pest insects and visiblly free of fungal or other pathogen signs.
  6. "Feel" the bags and you should sense the roots on the inner side of the bag surface.
  7. When you open the bags for planting, the roots should look white or slightly brownish and firm and Not Blackend or Decomposed which are signs of root-rots. In such cases take photos of the roor-ball and reoprt to the seller.

The mini avocado trees' people make sure all their plants satisfy the above and more, as a matter of policy. Few trees which show signs of stress are separated and kept in a recovery area and if possible, the AvoPro guys nurse them back to perfect health. However, all tees beyond recovery, are culled and discarded. Period.

Some ask; “what’s the difference between your trees and others?

I don’t know about others’ trees or services, but when you buy avocados from the avopro guys, one thing you can be absolutely assured of is; “All trees carry a bit of our soul”! We personally attend to each and every one of them. For two decades we’ve been collecting & producing 50+ different varieties which most people, including wholesale nurseries, don’t even know exist!

There’s one more thing: We Are Not a Know-It-All!

Not even with avocados. AvoPro guys are keen students of  avocado growing and have been very lucky learning from the true and great masters of the subject including world class scientists, avocado growers, research institutions and let's admit it: From avopro client-friends, like you, who grow avocados in their gardens. Absolutely. "mini avocado" and AvoPro serve people who want to grow avocado trees at home or even commercially. AvoPro offers avocado trees and related products and services, only. They are a highly specialized online and offline nursery and definitely the only retailer of its kind in New Zealand. They acknowledge "any success we have is solely due to support from our client-friends, and people like you, who are interested in avocado growing". Armed with this knowledge-based background, and by putting in a bit of Effort, Care and Love, you can too. In other words: “Put in a Bit of Your Soul” in whatever you do, including growing dwarf avocado trees.

Did you know there's an unprecedented avocado trees shortage in 2019, 2020 and beyond? We are talking about high quality, industry approved High Health Trees. This is important. Go here What and What Not to buy if you want to know more on which trees and where to order your avocado trees from. If you are in New Zealand grab your chance and, order these Now.

Buy Your Avocado Trees Now

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