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NB: Please read the following only if you are interested in giving the Very Best to Your Trees, and Yourself. Thank you

Please also check these points before reading any further:

tick smallPlants, like you and I, are living beings
tick smallFruit trees in general, need more care than other trees  
tick smallAvocados are specially difficult and take years or decades to fruit ...

Intelligent people agree with the first two points, I’m sure. The third part is partially true but in no way near to what it says. There's a path forward and it all depends on how you and I, treat our avocado trees. The AvoPro guys have been learning how to grow avocado trees for the past twenty years, in All regions of New Zealand successfully. They acknowlege they are students of this subject for two decades, and counting. "We are learning a thing or two about avocado growing, from world class university experts, industry researchers, hands on orchardists and of course our client-friends, like you, the home growers.

It is true that avocado trees are somewhat different and need certain, but simple and easy care. However, if you know what to do and when, then it becomes easy; easy as a breeze. Read the following true story which the majority relate to. Before going any further, here's a sample image of avopro avocado trees at their nursery: Avopro avocado trees at nurseryRemember the above picture or come back to it later, if need be

The question of "How will avocado trees do?" reminds me of what a Dr said about a little boy. Sounds unrelated? I know, but let me explain anyway. Imagine a young boy of only three … A clever and a good looking one. Here was a young person; full of energy, zest and very sure of a bright future. He was loved by all, just an adorable kid really. You know the kind? A picture-perfect person, one can’t find anything off base with them except … Except there was something wrong, but amazingly no one could say what! Not even his parents. In fact, the parents thought he 'looked' OK, just a bit different!

Well, almost no one. This boy happened to be my nephew. We lived in another city and saw them only once or twice a year, mostly around the New Year celebrations. That year, 37 years ago, I saw the boy and thought; “that’s odd!” There’s something … something twisted, not quite right about him. But I couldn’t pin-point it. “What can I do, anyway? It’s probably natural” I said to myself and just left it at that.

My wife noticed this "odd" thing too but she did not "just leave it at that" as I had done. She questioned the oddity and brought it out to our concious attention. Also, she was bright enough to recommend; “See a doctor”.

The parents did, and it was a simple case of vitamin D deficiency. The treatment was easy, inexpensive, and almost immediate. But had it been left for a longer time and had the parents not acted on the recommendation, it would have ended in misery and even tragedy. You know, if 'Rickets' is untreated in good time, the bowed leg bones remain so, for the life of the individual. Other complications might arise, and they usually do ...

That little boy of three is now a nice looking young man of around 40 and is well on his way to the next 30, 50 or more years of enjoying a healthy life and also giving joy to his parents and his own family. I must say; my brother - the boy’s father - never misses a chance to thank us for his son's rescue. I had nothing to do with it, as you know! But I’m sure, like you, it gladdens my heart to see someone happy and grateful.

What do you say about the following very young small avocado tree? Is it OK, healthy and thriving, or sick and dying? It is infact in a heavy flowering mode and if it was not treated, it would have died. Fortunately the owner contacted the mini avocado guys just in the nick of time, and the treatment was cuting off all the flower buds and also treating with certain components of the famous "6-pack" fertlisers. sick avocado tree saved by avopro

Are Young Avocado trees Like Babies?

AvoPro certainly has many, many lady client-friends who insist calling their trees this way, and as always, we learn and oblige and now treat our own trees as such. Thank you guys. If you too, like or "feel" this way, it's worth acting fast and Now: Sign Me Up

We all know a thing or two about some useful subject/s but not everything and certainly we are not experts on all subjects. Don’t you agree? Also, most of us are clever enough to know the value of asking for an expert’s help and advice when it is due. Successful people just know this and that’s why they have the best solution for every one of their problems. Haven’t you wished for this privilege, over and over again? I know I have. Experts' services can be expensive but if you get sound, expert, and factual recommendations based on solid scientific and experiential knowledge, for a fraction of what it costs, you've hit a gold mine. One of the secrets of very successful people is they get things done in the most efficient manner possible, balancing between the cost and value, or the cost-effective way.

Listen to what one of the most successful Americans had to say about this. By the way, "Benji" is on the US$100 bill:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
Benjamin Franklin

Consider this: You have a pricey item of a certain value. Won’t you make sure it’s treated with respect and proper care, and even some insurance? A piece of jewelry, a classy mobile, a Victorian writing table, even something which might not be of monetary value but is dear to your heart. Won’t you make sure they are looked after?

While talking on caring, how about your pet or pets? What would you say about someone who just leaves their pet to its own devices? Avocado trees are not cheap and if you grow some, they are certainly living beings, and they are in your care. They need your help to thrive. One thing is certain; and it’s the Golden Rule. If you give your best, your avocados will too. Have you not seen this in pets? Ignore them stubbornly long and hard, and you know what happens. Treat them right and lovingly, and again, you know what you get. Right?

Do you agree, in almost every field, team-work gives much better results? Like you, we know this as well and we also know for certain by far most people who grow plants and specially fruit trees develop a personal relationship with them - - almost like a pet - - and like you, we love our trees and our job. This puts us in sync with our friend-clients.

Based on this unique and mutual trust and years of experience, an exciting and new idea sharing and problem solving email service is launched. I must admit; we did not initiate this idea. Our friend-clients like you, from all over NZ, Australia, and even as far away as South Africa, Spain, and believe it or not, Sweden have asked us for such help.

It’s done over the internet via email. When you signup fot this, we start a special file on your trees and keep updating it for as long as you require. The other important feature is; AvoPro guys will treat your emails as exceptional and "first priority". The important point is; observe your trees and report any signs of change or distress asap. Do Not wait till the trees look really sick beyond all doubt. If you do so, then it might be too late for corrective action/s.

This service is Unique and definitely Not Offered by any other plant outlets in New Zealand. As a matter of fact we research all things avocado, all over the world, continiously. There's nothing similar to this anywhere in the world. Get it here for a fraction of the market price of similar services, offered to the commercial sector only.

Grab this unique opportunity now: Home Avocado Grower Online Support

By the way, if you are Not in New Zealand and you want this, its fine. We are doing this for many of AvoPro overseas client-friends, right now. Does not matter where you are, it certainly is available to you, through our Australian site. You'll like it because we love helping people to get joy out of their avocado growing. True; we do get paid for it but that is wide of the point. We enjoy helping others, it give us a kick and I tell you; It's contagious.


Read the following and ask yourself; “Do I relate to this”?
There’s a lady who has gone to live in India for the past couple years. She asked us to guide her friend to take care of her trees. She calls her trees her “babies” and we were so moved by her request that we had to oblige and our daughter and her friend, decided to go to this lady’s place to see what her baby-trees needed. And, boy oh boy, were they in time! I cringe when I think how the lady would have felt if her precious trees had gone beyond help.

 avopro avocado tree in a pot AKL  avopro avocado in a pot AKL later  

Well, Do You Relate to the Above True Story?
Here’s your chance:  Add It To My Cart

Remember; you do not need to have bought or even buy trees or products from us. You might have a tree or a few trees already, or like to start with what is available. You are just a bit concerned your avocado trees might be doing better, if only you knew how. We are based in Hastings, NZ and have an online presence in Australia as well. But you might be in the Middle East, China, Japan, Korea, US, Spain, France, UK, India, Africa, Nepal … Doesn’t matter where you are. If you love growing avocados; we can help, and will do. Sign up now and thanks to the power of the fast, efficient and mostly free communications media, we are just a click away. Then fire away your questions or concerns.

Did you know serious avocado orchard growers gladly pay for such care around $750 and renew their contracts year after year? All avocado trees and where they are growing are unique and require individualized attention. Orchard growers know the value of such services. It’s understood as a necessary insurance for their investment in avocado plantations.
Who would throw away the chance to get this, if it was offered for a fraction of the price?

For the first time ever, the “365 Avocado Support” is offered to a limited number of home avocado growers who like to get the same service given to commercial growers, for a tiny fraction of the price. It is specially designed for the serious home growers, and avocado lovers ... World Wide. Right from the first steps of choosing the best location, to planting preparations, choosing the best varieties for your corner of the world, to the planting itself and taking care of your trees’ health, watering, wind and frost protection, flowering, fruit-set, pruning … and harvesting your first avocados, and beyond. We will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step till all your concerns about your trees are met with, and will stay with you for as long as you allow us.

Have you seen or heard of gardening blogs, magazines, forums, etc? Perhaps you wanted to know why your avocado tree was sulking, or collapsing, even though you have given it all you knew. You ask about this in a blog and if you are lucky, you get 10 different answers which do not even address your tree’s condition. Many respondents even use the opportunity to bring up a subject of their own interest, and if they are kind, they'll pray for your tree too. Frustrating!

AvoPro guys are students of this subject and know more about it than many, but not everything! For all of us there comes a time in our lives, where a problem shows up and we do not know how to deal with it. I’m sure you know what I mean. So, what’s the best course of action? Remember the young boy’s story? After they found the problem, they asked for an expert's help and the issue was corrected, easily, cheaply, and fast.
Can this be true about your precious young avocado trees too?

Everybody knows preventive measures are better and way, way more effective and cheaper. Have you noticed how other people’s distress call affects you? Doesn’t your heart go out to them and don't you wish you could help them? We get distressed too. Well, that’s another reason for launching this 365 avocado help service. It brings happiness to hearts. Yours, ours and everybody else’s who hears about a success story. Do it now, rather
than wait for the fatal signs to appear which could mean; Too Late. That’s a lot of disappointment and in most cases unnecessary heartache and loss of investment.
“Now Is The only Time We Get” so say the wise. 

Read, see, hear and even feel what some avocado growers told us and imagine yourself avoiding such pitfalls and save yourself from unnecessary hearbreaks because you now know there is a simple, reliable, reasonably priced, and practcal solution:

“One tree has a dieback … Help Please”. Grower A

“My three year old tree was in optimal health till I decided to help its roots with a well known root protector stuff … Please advise, it feels like a death in the family”. Grower B

“Two of my nine trees are looking very sad … I’ll be very upset if they don’t recover”. Grower C

“Frost affected avocados. What do I do”? Grower D

“My avocado tree is dying, please help”. Grower E

“The leaves on two of our avos are turning yellow … What is wrong”? Grower F

We hope you never have to report something like the above. To make sure, suscribe Now: Sign Me Up

When the AvoPro guys get such questions, they are asked to tell us more on how the problem came to be. From their answers it becomes clear that almost all such issues could have been prevented, had they been in regular contact and simply asked what needs to be done and when. The above quotes are the milder stories as some of them break our hearts to repeat. People kill their trees mostly by mistake and they are not even aware of it. In other words, often times they do it through kindness! Had they informed us of the early signs of the distress, in time, a cure or preventive solution would have been recommended. By far most such problems can be avoided. They are mostly mistakes, simple ones at that, and avoidable.

Sure, we all make mistakes. I’ve made mistakes … Too many in fact. Costly and disappointing! But that’s how I learned to ask for help and still do and of course, it’s our job to help avocado growers. That’s where we are fortunate enough to have access
to the top-notch experts in the field, from research institutes, universities, as well as the most successful hands-on growers … from all over the world. How much is that worth?

Do you remember the first picture on this page? It shows a very average sample batch of AvoPro trees at the nursery. Now look at the following pictures. The one on the right and the other on the left of the screen. Both sets of these trees are from the same batch. The owner of the tree on the left did not contact us to report issues at it's onset and bythe time she did, it was too late to help. The owner of the trees on the right decided to order the  “365 Avocado Support” at the same times as her trees. I admit, her success is mainly due to her, not us, but she did consult with AvoPro guys right from the begining and followed through all recommendations and definitely ordered the 365 email support program . You, and All our client-friends are the reall boss at AvoPro, and we respect your wishes. Choose The Best For Your Avocado Trees, and Yourself : Sign Me Up 

 avocado trees failing    Avopro avocado trees success

Can you see all the four different avocado trees in the right hand side picture, are loaded with avocados? The trees are around four years old only. The tree in the second row, on the right, is an exceptional and exclusive AvoPro variety that produces huge numbers of fruit, year after year. Remember to ask for the mini avocado guy's "Exceptional Varieties" available by email only.

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Go for it. Protect Your Trees. You and your trees deserve this.
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