AvoPro Avocado Flower Pruning eBook

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AvoPro Avocado Flower Pruning eBook

Do you know how to save your baby avocado trees?
This eBook will show you how, and it's a breeze.
It was in the making for ... 7 years!
Even leading edge scientists hailed it as; "surprisingly effective"!

“Help! My Young Avocado Tree is Dying”.

My heart goes out to them, when they despair like this.
What will You do, if your perfectly healthy young avocado trees suddenly looked like, dying?
Small avocado trees can go into a heavy flowering mode and because of the limited resources in their system, they can die! We researched, experimented and trialed for 7 years and found this unique answer, never offered before … anywhere!

John Walker, Professor of Forestry, University of Canterbury made these comments:

"Amazing and unexpected! The response to deflowering [Flower Pruning] has been amazing and to be honest; unexpected”

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