Replanting Avocado Trees eBook

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Transplanting Avocado Trees

Can Avocado Trees Be Transplanted?

The short answer is: Yes and No!
Usually, Not recommended for avocados.
However, it is possible and some have done it successfully.

Our ebook explains the best method to greatly increase the chances of success.

Who has the heart to abandon their pets? Surprised?
Believe you me; we got so many emails from client,friends who wanted to take their avocado trees to their new property that we had to do something about it.

Experts say; “Avocado Transplanting is a No, No!”

They are right too; it’s to do with the unusual avocado root system. However, it is “Possible” and by popular demand, we worked on this for many years, and have developed a safe and sound way of doing it.

This special eBook has been created to specifically deal with the very difficult issue of "transplanting" the “impossible”.
It’s an easy as a “paint-by-numbers” learning system and yet, it is The Only Resource on Re-Planting Avocados!

The “Replanting Avocados” eBook is so arranged you get the full message in a visual form.

Making it easier to grasp. I reckon; even a 7 year old can read and understand what to do with this delicate job. In fact, it is a treasure trove of expert knowledge from the past two decades ... to the present day!

Growers: You Can Transplant Your Mature Avocado Trees too!
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