Avocado Tree Pruning eBook

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Your Guide to Avocado Pruning

Learn how and why to prune your avocado tree 

How Do You Keep Your Avocado Trees Small?

Simple and easy. Pruning is the key! Seven of the fifteen – most important reasons – why and how, it works:

1- Pruning lets the sunshine in, and helps air circulation in the canopy.
2- Fewer pests, diseases and fungal damage.
3- Keeps your avocado trees small, tidy, and young.
4- Better fruit quality, quantity and fruit size uniformity.
5- Lower maintenance, harvesting and management costs.
6- Less accidents!
7- Highly efficient use of space.

Get the rest, in the pruning eBook. Ladies and Gentlemen: Avocado Pruning is Safe.
Think of it as a hairdo or a haircut! Your tree/s will love you the more, for it.
Do it! This is the single most important way of keeping your avocado trees healthy, vibrant and young for years to come.

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